Web Development Company in Zambia Web Development Company in Zambia

E-Commerce Development

Voxforem creates a solid e-commerce platform with all of the necessary features to make the process easier.

Web Development Company in Zambia Web Development Company in Zambia

WordPress Development

Voxforem specializes in custom WordPress creation, including WordPress website development, plugin development, and theme customization.

Web Development Company in Zambia Web Development Company in Zambia

API Integration & Development

We have the expertise to help clients with payment gateways, data scraping, and monitoring APIs for third-party integration.

Web Development Company in Zambia Web Development Company in Zambia

Development Environment

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL database

A Unique Approach To Web Development

Our website design & website development process begins by examining your website's needs and design objectives. We will eventually learn about your company and its competitors. After learning about your company, we'll start designing the website's structure. We will ensure that the website has an outstanding user experience while creating it and that it will eventually help and boost the conversion rate. Our web design & web development team ensures that our design is in line with your company's branding and goals. We always make sure that your website opens quickly and that all pictures, videos, and other important web design elements are optimized for SEO. After the web development work is completed, we begin testing the coding to check that it complies with all Google guidelines. It's now time to put everything through its paces. We all know that quality assurance is a crucial element of website development. Before going live, our QA team double-checks that the website complies with all Google guidelines.

A Website Development Company Deploys a One-of-a-Kind Solution

Voxforem's website development company experts have completed a variety of commercial projects on a variety of website development platforms. These include WordPress, PHP, ASP.NET, and others, and as a reputable website Development Company, we make every effort to earn our clients' gratitude and satisfaction.

Responsive web design is an approach that assumes that the web site's design can communicate with the user's setting. Screen size, orientation, and platform can all be factors in the user's climate. Using fluid, versatile images, proportional grids, and CSS3 media queries can be used to change the layout of a website designed with the Responsive Web Design feature.

Many websites are cleaned regularly, and the issues are always the same obsolete applications, poor passwords, and so on. Neither the problems nor the solutions can be reduced to a single programming language. Though the functions or methods may have different names, the basic concept remains the same SQL Injection attacks are prevented.

Website maintenance services ensure that the site is kept up to date, keeping the project on track. Image updates, content updates, and telephonic assistance are also part of these services. It entails revising, editing, or modifying existing web pages to keep the website current.

Web Development Company in Zambia

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They were always there for me, came up with brilliant ideas, and finished all on time. Anyone looking for a high-quality website at a reasonable price should consider Voxforem.


I'd like to thank you for creating my website exactly as I wanted it. You've been so patient and diligent with this project in the process. In general, I am a satisfied customer of yours. I would recommend you to my friends and clients. Thank you so much.


Great group of people. Professional and effective service. Their success has left me very pleased. All of them have my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes.


Encoders did a fantastic job on my website. They finished on schedule, on budget, and with a cutting-edge design at a fair price. It was the right choice to work with Encoders.